Names in order of video (spelling, anybody's guess) Don't know how Nacny got in first???

Al and Karin Tebrugge, and Ed and Donna (Andrews) Monroe

Kay(Ottis)meyer, John and Colleen Conroy, Joe & Marlene Clothier

Mary BEth (Weaver) Harwood, Bill Rosensteel (Lola') Larry and Trish (Dunn) Hundman, Jeff McGraw

Mary (Mikel) Armitage and Maureen (Finnegan) Moore

Tracy Alton, Connie (Gaffney) Dullard, Penny (Welch) Hiltabrand

Karen Carlson (Bill's) and Malana Alton (Tracy's)

Phil and Marlene (Schroeder) Rever, Carol (Baird) and Jim Smiley Judy ( Finnigan) and Larry Scovel

Steve and Anita Hopkins, and  Jerry and Mimi Hoeniges

Mary Ann  (Grimes) L'Heurex, Dave and Linda Frisch, Donna Dorsey and Ann (Schilkoski) Crump

Jim and Marny Richter, John and Judy Thoms

Don and Aleta Batty and Mike and Zanna Connor

John and Nancy (Wheeler) Lanier, Jack Freehill, Linda (Miller) Drennan, George and Irene Flynn, and Joe Reinholz

John Mills, Jim Hauskins, and Billy Squires

Wives: Mary Bianco, Julie Grau, and Helana Douglas

Missing but at reunion: Randy Glau, Jim Douglas, Lola (Shanks) Rosensteel, and Joanne (Reidel) McGraw; why, you'll have to ask them.