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10/27/17 01:34 PM #365    


Nancy Wheeler (Lanier)

I have some sad news. I just talked to Lola. Nancy R. and her husband Gene were on their way to West Virginia to visit Lola and Bill. They stopped at a motel and sometime during the night Gene died. Please keep Nancy and her family in your prayers. Nancy's address is Nancy Rosensteel Masteller P. O. Box 63, Wells ME. 04090-0063.

11/23/17 06:06 AM #366    


Stephen Hopkins

want to wish one and all a wonderful turkey daze and being thankful for what we have and thinking of those who have passed...  god bless 


12/06/17 08:56 AM #367    


Jeryl Sheppard (Spano)

​Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Another beautiful Christmas season is upon us. I hope this past year has been good to all of you. I pray for your happiness and good health every day and going into the new year, 2018! Can you believe it? 

​As I reflect over the past years of my life I thank God for my many blessings, my husband, my family and my friends. For the most part, life has been good to us. A few blips along the way but still happy to be alive and kicking. 

Sending hugs and a great big Merry Christmas. 



01/16/18 02:17 AM #368    


Stephen Hopkins

unless i am mistaken, we have lost another classmate,,, joyce (wright) adams passed away over the weekend


01/17/18 08:31 PM #369    


Stephen Hopkins

January 12th 2018


01/22/18 11:10 AM #370    


Stephen Hopkins

We will Miss You.

Remembering the Good Times as a Friend


02/03/18 08:42 AM #371    


Jeryl Sheppard (Spano)

Thank you, Steve for this posting about Joyce Wright-Adams. The last time I saw her she was happy and full of life. That was at the 40 year class reunion. 

Also, missing Tony McGuire at this time. 

R,I.P. to both of our friends who are now singing with the angels. To all of those who have gone before us, we miss you. 



03/25/18 09:34 AM #372    


Jeryl Sheppard (Spano)

It is Palm Sunday, a time to reflect on our Lord's last days before the crucifixtion. I think of the friend who lied against him for pieces of silver. Nothing much has changed in politics, has it? I think of the bullies and how they called for His execution. I pray for World Peace every day, I worry for our children and grandbabies.   What does the furure hold for them? These are my thoughts this morning as I sit here and drink my coffee and see another beautiful day begin. I see my computer is doing it's own thing, again this morning, not allowing me to move to another line/paragragh. God bless you all, I hope that you are happy, healthy and safe wherever you are. Jerry





04/27/18 04:17 AM #373    


Stephen Hopkins

Same to All

06/11/18 04:49 AM #374    


Joseph Bianco

With much sadness Joe Clothier's beloved wife Marlene has passed away.  The Pazntagraph has not posted the complete obit.  When it does I'll e-mail the posting.


06/14/18 01:41 PM #375    


Stephen Hopkins

Sorry for Your Loss Joe.

08/04/18 07:26 AM #376    


Stephen Hopkins

just wanted to say hi to one and all  


08/04/18 12:52 PM #377    


Donna Dorsey

Hi Classmates: Hope all is great with everyone! Hot in Phoenix (110 degrees most every day now for awhile). Since we're not keeping in touch here, it's nice to hear from some of you on facebook and seeing what's going on in your lives and family. Have a wonderful, safe summer.


08/12/18 06:03 AM #378    


Stephen Hopkins

GM Donna

We have been Busy.

Raining Off & On.

Watching the Old Places tearing down & New Places going Up.

Have a Great Day.

08/14/18 08:57 AM #379    


Jeryl Sheppard (Spano)

Good Morning, everyone. Tucson temps are now in the more comfortable 90's this week and looks like a hint of rain for the rest of the week. Yay!

So many reasons for us to pray these days. I hope you are all well and happy.

I was thinking about the first day of high school for us back in '58 '59. Fifty nine years have now passed. Were you all as excited and scared as I was? Where did those years go? I know one thing for sure it would take me a lot longer to climb those 2 sets of stairs to the 2nd floor now.

Well, I just wanted to say "Hi" this morning and God bless!








08/14/18 12:54 PM #380    


Donna Dorsey

Low 90’s in Phoenix also. FEELS LIKE FALL! (well, a little like fall). We gotten some much needed rain, but the east valley, Tempe, Mesa, etc. having floods. Is Bloomington area hot and humid? If so, I remember hating that season. We just look forward to our beautiful, mild winters here. Best to all of you.

12/19/18 03:42 AM #381    


Stephen Hopkins

Merry Christmas

12/20/18 08:39 AM #382    


Jeryl Sheppard (Spano)

Merry Chistmas and Happy New year everyone. Wishing you all every blessing that God sends your way. 

Wow, Steve I see you are up early or just up all night? I have nights like that too. 

I have been listening to all the Christmas carols and preparing for Christmas Day with family and friends. God bless you all. 



12/21/18 06:56 AM #383    


Carol Baird (Emmett) (Smiley)

Hi classmates of THS1962.  It has been awhile since I have tried to get on our site. Wishing you all a blessed Christmas season. Happy New Year!!

12/25/18 11:51 AM #384    


Stephen Hopkins

merry and a blessed christmas to one and all , may the new year bring peace and joy to all..  god bless

04/21/19 08:42 AM #385    


Stephen Hopkins

want to wish you all a very blessed and happy easter.. god bless you all

04/25/19 10:18 AM #386    


Stephen Hopkins

just a small note,, jerry hoeniges is in bromemm room679,, been sick for a few days just thought it would be nice to at least say hi a get well soon,, the boy has lost of weight too..    thanks for your time  steve


04/27/19 08:57 AM #387    


Jeryl Sheppard (Spano)

Good Morning, I hope everyone is well and happy.

Summer is just around the corner, this is a special year for most of us "oldsters" the big 75. Happy Birthday everyone. May the Lord continue to bless us with happiness and good health.  I pray everyday for cures to all disease and most of all for Peace on Earth. God bless!






07/28/19 11:03 AM #388    


Stephen Hopkins

wish to thank joe for keeping it up this long,, and whatever decision he makes about this site is ok with me..thanks and have great day and God bless everyone





09/24/19 05:42 PM #389    


Stephen Hopkins

just wanted to wish everyone a great and wonderful day ,, thanks to all coz we are still here to enjoy it

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