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04/15/17 08:45 PM #345    


Stephen Hopkins

wanted to say happy birthday to all of those born in april

05/05/17 08:20 AM #346    


Jeryl Sheppard (Spano)

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone. I think a margarita toast to our class is the perfect drink for today!!!  

I hope this is a good day for you and that you are all well and happy. God bless!!!










05/21/17 08:23 PM #347    


Irene Bennington (Flynn)

George and I will be attending the reunion in October and are looking forward to seeing everyone.

05/22/17 03:11 PM #348    


Nancy Wheeler (Lanier)

George and Irene, Great!! We are looking forward to seeing you!


06/05/17 08:30 PM #349    


Stephen Hopkins

wish to say happy birthday to all the june arrivals enjoy and hope you all have many many more happy birthdaze

06/11/17 09:55 AM #350    


Stephen Hopkins

gegeen sorry to hear of your loss,  our prays are with you.

06/23/17 04:56 PM #351    


Nancy Wheeler (Lanier)

Hi everyone,

I'm posting a reunion follow up. I'm hoping all of our classmates are aware of our upcoming class reunion. We've posted on this site and on our private FB page (THS class of 1962.). We've sent emails, text messages and phone calls. I think we've contacted everyone possible. The response is good. I think our reunion will be another successful and fun event! 

To those of you who already sent your money in, I haven't cashed your checks yet.  πŸ˜Š I will cash them soon.

Hugs to you all!!

You may send me your reservation money anytime before September 1st.

Nancy Lanier

12 Oxford Court

Bloomington, IL 


309-662-4668 home

309-287-8294 cell

06/25/17 10:37 AM #352    


Nancy Wheeler (Lanier)

Hi guys, I want to clear up something. I'm trying to avoid mailing out reunion flyers. I'm keeping track of logins to this account and our THS Class of 1962 Facebook account. I've mainly called classmates whom I think may not have access to a computer. So please don't feel left out if you haven't personally been contacted by me.You all should know me by now. If I had the time, I would LOVE to chat with you. I'm saving that for the REUNION! Also, I'm making this as easy on me as I can. β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‰πŸ™„<>>

Hugs to you all


07/01/17 08:50 AM #353    


Jeryl Sheppard (Spano)

Today is the first day of July, 2017, where does the time go? Happy 4th of July to you and yours. It has always been a favorite holiday to spend with family and friends enjoying picnics, cookouts and fireworks. I hope you are well and happy and enjoying the Independence Day celebrations.

I have been a bit slow this year with my birthday greetings etc. No special reason just switched internet/phone servers which caused many headaches. I think those are behind us now, I hope they are. I will definately do things differently if I need to change again.

Thank you to Joe and Nancy for trying to keep this class together. Great job!!!

God bless you all, Jerry


07/07/17 04:43 PM #354    


Mary Beth Weaver (Harwood)

So sorry I won't be ab le to come to the 55th!  Aldy's family is having a reunion the last weekend of Sept. so we will make our Bloomington trip then.

Have a great time everyone and I'll see you at the 60th!


Betsy Weaver Harwood

08/03/17 06:39 PM #355    


Nancy Wheeler (Lanier)

Hi everyone,

I hope you're enjoying your summer. John Ed and I have been extremely busy. Those of you who haven't mailed in your reservations, please do so by the end of this month. I'm happy with the response so far. My goal for this reunion is to see classmates who have not attended a recent reunion as well as those of you who have attended several. Please help me achieve this by encouraging other classmates to come. I don't know about you but I'm getting anxious to see everyone! I'm hoping a few attendees will surprise you  :)



12 Oxford Court

Bloomington, Illinois 



309-287-8294 (cell)

08/26/17 11:46 AM #356    


Nancy Wheeler (Lanier)

Hi guys,

Reunion update: Reservations are coming in. If possible please send your's in soon. 








See you soon!




08/28/17 04:28 PM #357    


John Conroy

Doe to unforseen circumstances, Colleen & I will not be attending the reunion. We were both looking torward to seeing everyone again. Hope all have a great time and put a bunch of pictures on the site!!


Take care,

John & Colleen



08/29/17 08:50 AM #358    


Nancy Wheeler (Lanier)

John, we're so disappointed to hear this. We were looking forward to seeing you and Colleen! If your circumstances change we would love to see you. 

Please keep in touch. 



09/01/17 12:20 PM #359    

Janet Thoennes (Thompson)

Sorry I will not be able to attend 55th reunion,  we have a family wedding we will be attending.                                Janet (Thoennes) Thompson



10/06/17 05:39 PM #360    


John Lanier

Hi guys, check your email for our reunion schedule. 


The RSVP I asked for is pertaining to our Saturday noon luncheon at Cafe Italia. I need a total of those attending ASAP. Call or text me with your total luncheon reservations.


Also, If anyone's schedule changed and you want to attend our reunion dinner, I can add people up to October 17th. Call me 309-287-8294 cell or 309-662-4668 home. 

See you soon



PS. Janet, I'm sorry you can't come to our reunion but enjoy the wedding. We will miss seeing you! N

10/06/17 11:33 PM #361    


Nancy Wheeler (Lanier)


Mass at Holy Trinity is 4:30 not 4:00!

So, happy hour will begin at 5:30 and dinner at 6:30! I think it's time you all FIRED me and hire someone who knows what they are doing!! 




10/24/17 07:26 AM #362    


Nancy Wheeler (Lanier)


Hi guys. Our reunion was extra special. Pulling it together was a challenge at times but the finished product was wonderful. Ozark House was a good choice. The food was delicious and plentiful. The room and table placements were great for mingling and MINGLE we did. We truly missed those of you who could not attend. 

I thought this would probably be our last planned reunion but when I threw this thought out to the group, I was quickly voted down!!  So...towards the end of AUGUST 2022 we will celebrate our 60th!! God willing. We need to rest up, take our vitamins, exercise, eat well, exercise our minds so we all REMEMBER this date. If your contact info changes, PLEASE let someone know. 

Also, join our Facebook page "THS class of 1962". There are several THS sites. Look for the picture of our school. If you don't want to join, have someone close to you join so you can see pictures and info concerning our class. The site is private so be sure to let Joe B or me know this person is joining for you. Members need to send a request and be approved before they are permitted to join. 

Class of '62, see y'all in '22!!!

Love and hugs


10/24/17 07:20 PM #363    


Stephen Hopkins

wish to thanks nancy for doing a wonderful job on this reunion

Great Turn Out

10/25/17 01:59 PM #364    


Nancy Wheeler (Lanier)

Steve, it was great seeing you and Anita. 

10/27/17 01:34 PM #365    


Nancy Wheeler (Lanier)

I have some sad news. I just talked to Lola. Nancy R. and her husband Gene were on their way to West Virginia to visit Lola and Bill. They stopped at a motel and sometime during the night Gene died. Please keep Nancy and her family in your prayers. Nancy's address is Nancy Rosensteel Masteller P. O. Box 63, Wells ME. 04090-0063.

11/23/17 06:06 AM #366    


Stephen Hopkins

want to wish one and all a wonderful turkey daze and being thankful for what we have and thinking of those who have passed...  god bless 


12/06/17 08:56 AM #367    


Jeryl Sheppard (Spano)

​Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Another beautiful Christmas season is upon us. I hope this past year has been good to all of you. I pray for your happiness and good health every day and going into the new year, 2018! Can you believe it? 

​As I reflect over the past years of my life I thank God for my many blessings, my husband, my family and my friends. For the most part, life has been good to us. A few blips along the way but still happy to be alive and kicking. 

Sending hugs and a great big Merry Christmas. 



01/16/18 02:17 AM #368    


Stephen Hopkins

unless i am mistaken, we have lost another classmate,,, joyce (wright) adams passed away over the weekend


01/17/18 08:31 PM #369    


Stephen Hopkins

January 12th 2018


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